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Every night I fall asleep to el Tango.

I discovered the program “Tango a Medialuz” on the proudly bombacious “Radio Monte Carlo, de Montevideo, la Capital de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay”. 2230 to midnight; medianoche, yet entitled “Tango to Mid-Light.” Interrupted solely by “Informaticos de Monte Carlo”, read by a newscaster who could be the announcer on a 1950s American game show, if it were in Rio Platenese Spanish. Not yet do I comprehend the news, save for a word or two, or if lucky a phrase and a description. Something unlucky happened to an old man of ochenta y siete años last night, but I know not what. However, simply to be a man of 87 years old is buena fortuna to my eyes, still almost three decades from that milestone. Should there be a new word in metric for milestone, I wonder?

As nine at night passes, and we digest the partly home-made pizza of fresh morrones from the street fair and $2 US of calamari in savory sauce from a can on the store-bought pre-salsafied crust, I wonder if this is where I might end my days somewhere further along the dance floor. I could do so gladly, I think at this moment.

Atlántida, Canelones, Uruguay 08 Sept 2011

About Mark Mercer

Expat aging sometime-ski-bum former corporate tool. Currently living in the beachside aging resort town of Atlántida in Uruguay. Sometimes skiing and teaching in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. Location and velocity cannot be simultaneously observed.


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