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Please subscribe to Fuzzy Wanderer by RSS or Email

Hi there, Fuzzy (Mark Mercer) here.  Gratified to see many new users registered as subscribers on the site. However, we don’t have any subscriber-specific features here. Everyone can read, everyone can comment (with comments spam-filtered, moderated, and logged), so there is no need to keep that “Register” functionality. So I am turning it off as of today.

Next week I will be deleting all the registered User IDs, for your security and for mine. Don’t worry, you can still keep up with all the Travel New and Travel Commentary I do here in two easy ways.

image of meta section

Picture of where you get the RSS feed for entries or for comments – actual link near page bottom right.

First is my RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication) available right on the homepage (in the Meta section of the sidebar).
You can use that link to copy into your favorite blog syndication reader, like Google Reader, or put it on a portal page which allows adding custom RSS feeds – like My Yahoo! or Google’s iGoogle page (going away in Nov 2013 but still available now.)

image of My Yahoo! page

The Fuzzy Wanderer and Uruguay Expat Life blogs on My Yahoo!

You also can use an RSS feed in Firefox’s Live Bookmarks feature, and in Mozilla Thunderbird, if you want to read your favorite blogs as messages there.  There are dozens of other RSS reading programs, either standalone or built into apps with other purposes.

Second is a subscribe-by-email feature on the site, which you will soon see.

Image of comment form

Intense Debate comment form – use your choice of ID, and subscribe to comments

For your comments, I already use the Intense Debate commenting platform, which ensures that the comments you post and read are from real people, are sharable across the web, and lets you use your favorite social network or web id as your commenting identity here. For example, you can comment with your existing WordPress.com ID if you have one for your own or other blogs. You can use your Twitter ID. Or choose an OpenID, which automatically includes your existing Google or Yahoo IDs or many other choice. I have a longer tech note post at my Uruguay Expat Life blog explaining all about OpenID – which I heartily recommend and I use at many websites.  The Intense Debate comment system has its own feed options for subscribing to new comments or to replies to your comment, right under the comment form.

So please continue to read my blogs and interact with me here, as well as at Google+ and Twitter, my public Facebook feed (open to Subscribe without having to Friend) and at Uruguay Expat Life with myself and Lisa Marie. Thank you for being a reader and subscriber!

About Mark Mercer

Expat aging sometime-ski-bum former corporate tool. Currently living in the beachside aging resort town of Atlántida in Uruguay. Sometimes skiing and teaching in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. Location and velocity cannot be simultaneously observed.


One Response to “Please subscribe to Fuzzy Wanderer by RSS or Email”

  1. And they're gone! No more user ids. RSS syndication is available, and I'll turn on the email subscriptions soon. Thanks for reading!

    Posted by Mark Mercer | 2012-12-26, 18:20

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