About the Fuzzy Wanderer

Who’s Fuzzy? And why that name?

Picture of Mark Mercer, long hair blowing in the wind, on the beach near sunsetI’m Mark Mercer. I’ve had the good fortune to leverage a lot of required business and family travel, into opportunities to explore the world. I’m still figuring out where I want to be in it. Maybe a bit late for several decades further into life than remaining, but that’s part of the joy of it all.

“Schrödinger’s traveler”? Like the cat who is neither/both alive/dead, I’m here/there, sometimes not quite sure where either is. As I write this intro in Sept 2011, I’m sitting in Atántida, Uruguay. A few blocks from the beach, where the Rio de la Plata has 80% already mixed into the South Atlantic Ocean. Due east a few thousand miles is nothing until the southernmost tip of Africa.

Yet one year ago, I was exploring the Pacific Northwest instead of the Atlantic Southeast of the Americas. Depending on whether the seriously revised, fundamentally-changed global economy allows me to re-start my multi-decade corporate IT career (and if I really want to do so), I may return for a longer period of time to the PNW, which has the most job opportunities for me. Yet today I may wander to the Inmobiliaria up the “cuadra” (block) from me, and look at listings of apartments for rent here in Uruguay. If Uruguay doesn’t work out, the Andaman coast of Thailand is still somewhere on my list. As might be somewhere in Italy, as in the cover photo for this site, which I took in Florence looking at the Tuscan sunset across the Arno. (update: It’s 2013 and I’m still in Uruguay, in the little new-built “casita” I rented. Why? Uruguay Expat Life.)

Yes, I’m a bit fuzzy in terms of location and mode of life. I spent some time as an actor. Not much commercial success, though 95% of my roles were actually paid gigs. But the idea of “what role am I playing now, and what role is next?” has been central to how I live my “real life”. More so than I originally thought, when that concept popped into consciousness while reading the “Ithaca New Times” in the lobby of the “Straight” at Cornell in 1972. Since then, I’ve been a rock-n-roll radio DJ, an electronics repair manager, a programmer, a senior corporate IT Software Development Manager, an owner of a fitness studio and sports/travel writing business, with some “interesting” periods of being a layabout bum. Oh, and a Ski Instructor and Actor yet again for a few years. Yeah, pretty much fuzzy there too.

This blog is focused on travel. For my thoughts on a variety of issues, Circle me on Google+  and discover all my social media, blog, comment, and forum networks at About.Me/MarkMercer. [aboutme username=”markmercer”]

Join with me on my exploration of where I’m going and what I want to do when I grow up. Which at this point is definitely not until the next lifetime.

PS thanks to my friend Mike, who coined the “fuzzy traveler” nym when I kept regrowing my beard every 3 days after shaving it off.

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