Estoy encantado con Lima

No, not to live here, before Lisa Marie freaks that I changed my direction yet again! Especially given that Peru, as especially all the countries on the west side of the Andes, rigourously follows South American Toilet Paper Rules.

But I do love the mix of old and new, beautiful and ugly, clean and dirty that is this classic South American city. For the most part, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Santiago are just another big city of the Americas, when compared to the truly Latin American Lima.

Note that my 3 days here total have only been in the Centro. Not in rich or modern tourist areas like Miraflores. I’ve got Punta for that.

I love the universally friendly and healthy people, the street vendors of 6 tiny boiled bird eggs (robin-like) or juice of 2 whole oranges squeezed for you for only S/.1 (about 34 cents), the specialized streets with a dozen printers, or plastic molders, or optics, all in one place of friendly competition. The S/.5 restaurant where I had lunch today: chicken, potato, noodle, carrot soup as starter, an herbal tea, and carne saltado with rice (meat, onions, rice, sauce) all for $1.75 US. The street vendors who wear jackets saying “Lima, Ciudad para Todos” – City for All, referring to the multicultural Amerindian/Andean, European, African, Asian mix uniquely Peruana.

I must do more trips, including making the time to get to Cusco and Macchu Pichu, as well as elsewhere in this wonderfully complex country. When I need my “Big City hit” every year or so, I may well also make it to Lima, rather than more “modern” cities of the Americas.