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Contact Mark Mercer, The Fuzzy Wanderer, by email using this form. Or use messaging services through any of my social networks. I am on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, so can be contacted through them as well.

This contact form is exclusively for feedback from readers and visitors about articles here, about travel news and experiences, and other on-topic directly-related messages, and that, only! 

Spammers will be reported to their email and web hosts, to the services they use, to the sponsors of the services they are trying to sell, to internet blacklists, and/or to the authorities, depending on time and my mood. Given I’m mostly retired I have a lot of time, and given I really hate spammers, you can guess my mood if you spam me. If you use “Contact form marketing” you are not welcome here. Also you are expressly prohibited from sending any “site suggestions” involving web services, upgrading, guest posting, or any other paid thing you want to market to me or my companies.

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